Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie and a Volunteer Experience

Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie

I have another great and super simple Green Smoothie for you guys to try.  I added a couple extra punches to it this time too.  These are great for a breakfast on the go or for a small snack during the day.  You can add protein powder to them to add the fullness factor.  With this one and with all of the smoothies that I’ve been making lately, I’ve added some Kefir and Chia Seeds.  The Kefir is like yogurt on steroids because it has lots of probiotics to help aid in digestions.  And the Chia Seeds pack some protein into their little selves, not to mention I love the little crunch that they give.  Try it out, these Green Smoothies are a fantastic way to start your day and help you to feel better and make better choices during the rest of the day.

Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie

So today I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with the Pittsburgh Food Bank.  It was quite an experience.  Of course I’m going to say that it was eye opening and such a touching experience but I really got to see a lot of what you don’t really think about with Food Banks.  I volunteered with a program called Produce to People which I think is totally amazing that this happens.  They are handing out LOTS of fresh produce to people in need and they aren’t handing out junk food like cookies and cereal and things of no nutritional value.  They even handed out organic milk and I’d say the majority of the people walking through didn’t know much about organic milk so it’s cool that people are not only receiving this awesome healthy food but they are also being introduced to new things.  I also never really understood how much is involved behind the scenes either, so I definitely have big respect for the people that organize and donate.  For every dollar that you donate, it equates to about $5 worth of food.  Just had to share this experience and definitely plan to do it again.


I also wanted to share a new little gadget that I’ve been loving lately, the Jawbone UP.  I first heard about this awesome thing from Bonnie over at PFITblog (she’s amazing and very inspirational, check out the blog).  Anyway, the Jawbone UP is a bracelet that you wear and it tracks your steps throughout the day including your longest active time and longest idle time.  You can set an alert on it so that the bracelet vibrates after you have been sedentary for a specific amount of time.  It also tracks your sleep and lets you know how long it took you to fall asleep, it shows when you were in deep sleep and when you were in light sleep and when you woke up during the night.  It shows you your resting caloric burn, active burn and total burn and it also has a way to input your caloric intake.  There’s app that goes with it so that you can view all of this info at any time.  I LOVE it.  I feel like this is a great thing for people of all activity levels because it really gets you motivated to meet certain goals and it really raises your awareness.

Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie

Yield: 6 Cups

Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie


2 Cups Spinach
2 Cups water
2 Cups plain Kefir
1 Cup frozen mango pieces
2 Kiwi, skin removed
1 Pear, skin on
2 Tbsp ground Flax seeds
2 Tbsp Chia seeds


Combine the water and the spinach in a blender and blend until smooth
Add in the fruit and blend again until smooth
Add in the Kefir, Flax and Chia seeds and blend until smooth
Top with some more Chia seeds for some added crunch!


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  1. Yumi! I was looking for a green smoothie recipe to start my day and this is great, kiwi and mango are the best!

  2. Hey, I grow my own kiwi, so this should be an interesting way to use it!

  3. Great post! I bookmarked your site so I can come back when I have more time.

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